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Rug Cleaning

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Local Carpet Cleaning For All Your Rug Cleaning Needs

They say that if the floors in a room look clean and well kept, the overall appearance of the entire room is a fresher, cleaner, more beautiful, room. It’s true. Your floors offer more to the overall look and feel of a room than any other aspect of it. The entire room can be clean and coordinated well, but if the floors are dirty, the entire room appears to be dirty.

That’s where we come in. Rug cleaning in Kent, Washington has become one of the most simple to arrange, affordable to pay for, and convenient to your schedule, options in getting and keeping clean floors.

When you use rug cleaning services to clean your rugs, you will have our guarantee that your rugs are, indeed, clean. We have many areas of service, and offer great expertise in our cleaning. We are the best option for you when you want some professional cleaning done. Consider us for all your rug cleaning for seasonal cleaning such as heavy spring cleaning or fall cleaning. When you decide to move, consider our services for cleaning your old apartment or house to leave it looking great, and to clean your new place so you know you are moving into a clean environment.

Types of Material We Clean

Whether you have wall to wall carpeting or area rugs, we have what you want in ability to clean multiple styles and fabrics. Our cleaning service is great for whatever you have, and just about any material your rugs may be made out of. We are able to clean very fine and delicate fabrics, such as silk, velvet, microfiber, and suede, as well as more durable fiber such as wool, synthetics, and hand made materials.

Steam cleaning is one of the things we use to not only get your rugs to look clean, but to sanitize and kill germs. We also offer dry cleaning, and have some great ways to get rid of stains and odors. When we clean your rugs, they will not only look clean, but they will really be clean.


You can trust us with all your rug cleaning needs. We are even able to clean your antique and elegant rugs in a way which will make them appear almost new. Restoration is one area we specialize in. We are also able to clean up after disasters such as floods or other water damage which can ruin rugs if they are not properly taken care of very soon after being soaked.

If you are in the Kent Washington area, you are in a good place to experience what truly clean rugs are. Call us for a quote, and to ask any questions you have about our rug cleaning and other services. You will be placing your rugs in good hands when you call us. Call Carpet Cleaning Kent at 253-501-6998.

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